Make Your Phone Talk

Android phones have the built-in ability to read out loud any text that is written on the screen. This feature is called TalkBack. To make sure that your Android phone talks to you, we need to change the TalkBack settings, which are turned off by default. For this one-time setup, it would best to have someone helping you in setting it up.

Here is step by step how to get your Android phone ready to talk to you:
  1. Click on the Applications icon that is located towards the bottom of the screen 

  2. Find the Settings icon by sliding your finger across the screen from right to left, then click on it

  3. Find the Accessibility option by sliding your finger from bottom to the top of the screen, then click on it

  4. Click on the TalkBack option at the very top of the screen

  5. Click the OFF/ON switch in the upper right corner of the screen to ON position

  6. Click the OK button in the Attention window that pops up to activate TalkBack