Navigate through Your Contacts

Android phones have a built-in contacts list for you to keep the phone numbers, birthdays or eMail addresses of your friends and family. Once you have made the changes that make your Android phone or tablet more accessible, navigating through your contacts works a little differently than it would for all your friends who are sighted.

Here is step by step how to navigate through your Android phone's contacts:
  1. Ensure you have followed the step by step instructions to setup TalkBack on your Android phone

  2. Select the Apps icon that leads you to all applications by tapping on it once

  3. Quickly click two times on the icon that leads you to all applications to open the all applications menu
  4. Use two fingers on the screen to scroll from right to left until you find the People icon

  5. Select the People icon by tapping on it once
  6. Quickly click two times on the People icon to open the People menu with all your contacts, which are sorted in alphabetical order from A to Z 

  7. Use two fingers to scroll through the alphabet by sliding your fingers from bottom to the top of the screen
  8. By clicking on a contact once, the contact name will be read out to you and you know how far down your contact list you have come

  9. Until you find the contact you are looking for, repeat sliding your two fingers up and clicking on contacts to have them read out to you
  10. After the name of the contact you were looking for was read to you, quickly click two times on the contact name to get to the Contact Details

From the Contact Details, you can either call someone or send a text message to someone.