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Design Principles

When designing your app's user interface for users who have absolutely zero or only very limited vision, it is imperative to make your user interface as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

For the totally blind, offering a Braille-like six item grid with very large buttons is better than offering twenty very tiny buttons on one page. Similarly, for low vision users, using highly contrasting colors like white/black or yellow/blue for foreground/background coloring helps them to better make out items on their device's screen.

The official Android Developers site offers an overview of good user interface design principles for you to consider:

One tip: As you think about how to design your apps for best possible use by blind or low vision users, one of the best tests you can do yourself is to put on a sleep mask as you get them on airplanes to simulate having no vision. If you can still navigate through your app just fine like that, then chances stand very high that users who are permanently blind will be able to make good use of your app, too.