Welcome to blinddroid, a resource dedicated to Android accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision.

With 39 million people blind and 246 million people with low vision, you are not alone out there. We have put together this website to help you and your loved ones figure out how to use your Android phones' built-in accessibility functionality to hopefully make life a little easier for you. We have made an attempt to make even this site as accessible as possible for you to read with your screenreader. Where we have used pictures or screenshots of Android applications or phones, it is not to offend you but to best help out your friends and loved ones in making good choices along with you.

As we ready more information for you, below is a link to our Accessibility Training to get you started:
Accessibility Training Accessibility Training
Learn about the built-in accessibility functionality that Android phones provide when you are blind or have low vision 
Beyond the training materials for you, , we have a section for developers of Android applications so that they can learn more about how to make their applications work better for you. We just want you to know that is why the Developers section is there, towards the bottom of the navigation menu, just in case you come across it with your screenreader.